A Tribute to Fred and
                         Vina Delorme

40th wedding anniversary,1971
My grandfather, Fredrick Louis Delorme,
was born in Dunseith, North Dakota,
March 5, 1905. Fred wasn't a very large
man but he was a man for work! He had to
work hard to raise his family of 12 children
which must have been a difficult thing to
in the '40's and '50's.He did any type of
work that was available.Cut chord wood,
dig the trenches which made room for the
water and sewer in the City of Portage La
Prairie and also worked for farmers.He
did anything to raise his family.
On April 21,1931,Fred married Alvina
Rosalba Emond(Aymont).Vina was born
February 2,1914 in Layland(Leiland),
Manitoba.She was also a very hard worker
like her husband,Fred.Cook,cook,cook.
That is what she did a lot of the time.Vina
was well known throughout the city of
Portage La Prairie.Everyone seemed to
know her.She was a member of the
Catholic Woman's League for St.John's
Parish and volunteered to make lunches
for special church occasions.
Sadly,Vina passed away August 27,1987
in Portage LA Prairie.She left a legacy
behind and will be greatly missed by all of
her friends and family.
Fred passed away June 5,1991 in
Portage La Prairie not too long after his
love Vina.He missed her dearly.Fred left
a great memory of a loving husband,
father and grandfather.

I will always miss you both.......

Until we meet again Grandpa and